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    My approach to weddings and portraits is to merge truth, essence, and candor with a fine art aesthetic. It’s a delicate mix of keeping it real while making it beautiful. My style is informal, receptive, and elegant, ensuring that both the classic and the fleeting are given their due.

    I want to create photos that capture both the decisive moment and the ephemeral magic. My photographs uncover the narrative arc of an event—its light, color, and texture. I try to reveal the transparent, unguarded exchanges that give life and power to the more carefully composed situations we prefer to present. I have years of experience working as a photographer, but the particular and unexpected alchemy of each event I record never fails to inspire me. I especially love to set the subtle nuances of human emotions in front of the raw power of Colorado’s rugged beauty. Put on some of your favorite music, maybe brew up a cup of tea, and enjoy looking through my photographs. I look forward to hearing from you.

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