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    Remember how you felt, not just how you looked. Authentic photography for utterly human couples. Capturing depth of connection, authentic emotion, and magical light. Serving Virginia and All Places, especially those in the human heart.

    "April creates an amazing vibe during her shoots (and always, really). She is warm and calm, but has an impressive enduring and creative energy. April’s photographs aren’t just photographs; she manages to capture the essence of each moment — the emotions, the story, the underlying body language. It’s incredible. My jaw was on the floor, photo after photo.” (Natalie, Richmond)

    "I can’t say enough wonderful things about April. She’s a joy to be around, she’s accommodating, humble, authentic, funny, and truly amazing at what she does." (Malenka, Charlottesville)

    "I had extremely high expectations after reading reviews about you and seeing your work on your website, but you still managed to exceed them by leaps and bounds." (Ashley, Richmond)

    "You have such an incredible talent. We were so fortunate to find you. Your camera just melted away and you were another special guest at our wedding." (Brittany, DC area)

    "I looked at the photos and immediately thought: 'Whatever they paid her, it was worth every penny. They capture the joy.'" (Aunt of Catherine, Nashville)

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