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My life has radically changed in the past five years from when I first started photographing weddings and families. I’ve gone through creative deserts where it seems all I do is email until my eyeballs fall out and then through periods where I find beauty everywhere I turn and obsessively text my friends about inspiration for making beautiful photos (even if they don’t care! But that’s what friends are for, yeah?). I love everything associated with my MacBook, coffee, sweatpants, Law and Order: SVU, and despite the cliche, I love taking photos.

While considering myself a photographer, my goal is to tell your story – the one that is unique to only you. If you’re the kind of person that is willing to let me into the moments where there is joy, brokenness and most of the time, something completely ridiculous, I want you in front of my camera. Whether it be documenting your wedding day or rolling around in the grass with your kids, I can’t wait to make these photos for you.



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