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    We get asked all the time, “What made you want to become wedding photographers?” For us, it’s not about the pretty things - the gorgeous florals or designer gowns. It’s not about the latest-and-greatest photography gear or even about photography itself. It’s so much more than that. It’s about marriage. That incredible, holy union that begins on your wedding day. We get the honor of documenting it for your children and for your grandchildren. For the out of town guests who couldn’t make it to your big day. For your parents, who are so proud of the man and woman they’ve raised. And for you two, when you’re old and gray, to look back on, smile, and remember how it all started.

    Think about it. Think about it really hard. When you say “I do,” you’re planting the roots of a new family tree. From the two of you will come generations who will look to you for example of how a man should treat a woman and how a wife loves a husband. We want your children and their children, and even their children, to look back at your wedding images and say, “That’s it. I want THAT kind of love.” In order to capture these sort of images, we want to know you. We want to know your love firsthand so we can capture it in its purest form. Raw and emotional. Tender and sweet. Playful and flirtatious. We want to know your love so we can celebrate it, encourage it, and most of all, preserve it.

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