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    Gloria Mesa Photography in US

    Photography isn’t just my job - it’s my life. To create the best images possible, I make sure to stay inspired each and every day. I’m most interested in wowing the clients who are a great fit for me and my style; booking every inquiry that crosses my desk isn’t my top priority. You are important to me; on your wedding day, I’ll capture timeless images that will truly take your breath away.

    When I was a little girl, my dad let me borrow his 35 mm camera. That’s the moment I fell head-over-heels for photography, and my adoration for the craft hasn’t faded. I love being a photographer. For me, being able to capture a couple’s most important moments - from their engagement to their wedding day and then once their first is born - is what it’s all about. Portrait and wedding photography are my favorite genres because it makes me so happy to meet all of the important people in a client’s life. Weddings are especially happy days during which everyone’s best side is on display.

    Personally, I favor relaxed, uncomplicated poses; candid portraits are my specialty. A small moment between two people, a tender touch - this is what makes a photo worth a thousand words, as they say. Natural lighting is always preferred, so long as creativity doesn’t have to be sacrificed. Working with my clients and accommodating them as best I can is one of the most satisfying aspects of this career. When I’m hired for a shoot, my clients not only get my time and devotion to the job, but they also benefit from my attention to detail. While it’s a huge part of my life, photography isn’t the only thing I spend my time doing. Dark roast coffee, exactly two cups a day; relaxing next to the fireplace with my husband Luis Fernando and my dog Sammy, an albino chihuahua mix; satisfying my sweet tooth; cracking open a new Isabel Allende novel; sipping a glass of red wine…that just scratches the surface of what I enjoy.

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