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    Hello! We are Jen & Chris Creed, wedding photographers who live in Nashville, TN, who believe in the importance of documenting once in a lifetime events, so you will always remember how it felt to be there.

    We believe in creating images that help you remember how it feels to be living the adventure that is your life. We want to get to know you, and get to know what’s important to you, so when we show up, you don’t see the cameras. You see us, Jen & Chris. The people you trust to authentically document your love in a beautiful and creative way.

    Our top priorities are creating, documenting, and taking the best care of you as possible. We work hard to stay creatively fresh, so we can always create the best possible images for your unique story and wedding day.

    You love being in the moment, living this life together, with all it’s adventures. Enjoying what the world has to offer with your true love (and maybe your dog!) by your side. Waking up slow on a Saturday off and following it up with a visit to your local coffee shop. You want your wedding to be a celebration, and to be a gathering of the people you love most, who will party the night away with you! But most of all you are planning for a marriage, and know that at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you’re starting your life together! We believe your images should capture all of that. You be in love...we’ll do the rest.

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