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    I know you have heard it before.. it’s almost cliche to say it… It was, of course, my children that initially inspired and evoked my interest in photography. Come on… everyone (especially a mom!) has the desire to capture those gorgeous, chubby cheeked, piggy toed beings that we call our babies. So I started taking pictures of my two angels and plastering the images all over my house. This was the real birth of my interest in photography.

    But my journey into photography took an unexpected twist. Okay… I’m about to get personal. Hold on tight… I found myself in a position where I knew my marriage was not going to last. My path, my journey was changing so quickly that I could barely keep up with it. Although I did not see it at the time, all the events in my life ultimately guided me to this hidden gem, my freedom, creative self expression… my camera. On this path of photography, somehow my camera became my friend, my solace, my passion. It was (and is) a place for me to focus (pun intended) on infectious smiles, sparkly eyes, glorious laughter, intoxicating beauty. Real emotions from real people. Little did I know that the most challenging event in my life would lead me to the most fulfilling and rewarding time in my life!

    Okay… enough of the serious stuff… because there is so much more to me! The other part of my life is the ocean. Did I mention that I also have a MS degree in Marine Biology? I have to say that I often think that I am more comfortable under the water than I am on land (yes, I’m the one who trips over my own two feet and spills spaghetti sauce on my white shirt much to the chagrin of my children). But under the water… everything goes away. You’re graceful, free (no longer a goofball!) and merely a spec in the infinite blue water. It’s liberating, soothing, exhilarating and holds more beauty than is remotely imaginable.

    Take the plunge and dive in with me!

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