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    Hey there! I’m Maria Grace, a wedding and family photographer from Hampton Roads, Virginia. I specialize in elegant church weddings and intimate elopements for joyful couples in my area and beyond - because traveling is my favorite!

    If you get to know the real me, you'll quickly learn that I speak fluent sarcasm. Nathan and I both consider ourselves the funniest one in our marriage. I make my cockapoo Lilo wear sweaters in the winter and sundresses in the summer. I run daily but I can't say no to salt & vinegar chips or hot fudge sundaes, and I dance like a fool with a camera in my hand at wedding receptions.

    Nathan is my husband of 6 years, my IT support, and the one who carries me to bed when I fall asleep reading on the couch. Together we explore gluten-free food, travel the world for fun, and chase Lilo around the house when we're bored. We are in the process of adopting our first child - and what an adventure that's been!

    If it sounds like we’d get along, I’d love to grab a cup of tea or coffee and chat with you about what you love. I can’t wait to meet you soon!

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