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    I am a Nashville photographer who calls the world her office. I first became wide-eyed with photography at a young age in the darkroom at camp. Sounds scandalous, but watching each frame reveal itself as I would drop it into the developer was magic. There, my influences led me to dive into photography and art which has not only become a passion, but a place of eunoia - where I feel well minded with beautiful thinking.

    I lived in Portland, Maine, where I was illustrating and taking pictures of what that new home revealed to me day by day. I enjoy travel, not only because it is exciting and romantic, but mostly because all the senses are heightened in traveling. You not only see but you smell and taste and feel your way through new places while experiencing lives of new people. Wandering the earth is beautiful and working this earth is beautiful. Now that I am back in Nashville, I believe everyday schedules, lives, and routines are threaded with photographic stills. I create and capture moments because art and images are pieces of history you can hold, see and touch, and reminisce over again and again. 
I love light and I love to seize it's many forms - after all, that is what the word "photography" means - to create images by recording light. 
 Simple as that. I like to document moments as I see them, which is pretty simple as well. Telling stories with photographs is of utmost importance, the smiles, the laugh lines, the work, the shoveling snow, the wind in the hair, and all that is in-between. The style of my work is to show tangibles of not only glimpses, but of life working around us and around this world. Everything being as they are in the moments we experience while we wander.

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