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    Photography came into my life when I was in middle school, after my two sisters and I hijacked my dad’s old 35mm camera for an impromptu, and very sassy, photo shoot. I loved seeing how the photographs turned out, and I was instantly in awe of the camera, and the entire photographic process. I’ve been shooting professionally since 2000, and my amazement with photography continues. I feel super lucky that we’re able to photograph the biggest moments in people’s lives. The full impact of what we’re able to do hits me when I think about how our photographs will get passed down from generation to generation. It’s our photographs that will tell the start of your “official” life together. It’s those photographs that your kids will paw through and ask you a million questions about years from now. And, man, that’s so incredibly cool. I love shooting weddings in particular, because of all the love and excitement that happens throughout the day. Every wedding shows us something new and gives us a chance to flex our skills and be creative within the environment that’s presented. Our photographs shine a light on love and relationships and when it comes down to it, that’s all that really matters. As cheesy as I feel saying it, it really is such an honor to be invited into couples lives on their wedding day. I completely love it. :)

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