Two Irises in US

    I am looking to capture authentic experience and expression. I hold reverence for the here and now and recognize the experience must be there before I can capture it. I am sensitive about my influence on the atmosphere. My aim is to document genuine emotion, limiting direction and staging to what can facilitate that end. I have over 15 years of experience photographing weddings and know the routine, but truly thrive on what is unique to the day, this couple, their community of friends and family, this moment. I work with a second photographer for the alternative perspective, and the backup support. I seek natural light sources primarily but will supplement with lighting as needed. The images I create are fully edited and print-­ready, with printing in mind. I am interested in producing classic images for longevity. I have seen how images gain significance with time. Immediate media is fun, but a wedding album and a framed print are the things future generations will inherit and refer to for connection and their heritage.

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