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We don't carry other designers work; we are the designers! We imagine, sketch, design, model, cast, hand engrave, hand forge, hand set all our gemstones & truly create. Our unique engagement rings and other custom designs come to life right here in our Seattle Studio, & our original creations are found no where else.

Location *custom/artisan, Seattle, WA 98101

Best Local Wedding Jewelry Store

Best Local Wedding Jewelry Store


At Green Lake, artists design with clients individually to craft engagement rings and wedding bands that tell their own story. What’s yours? #greenlakejewelry

Green Lake is home to expert craftsmen who specialize in the repair of fine jewelry. Have an heirloom piece you're not wearing? Have gemstones you'd like to reuse in something else? Email us and we can help with that!


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August 11, 2017 | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

"This is the best jeweler I have ever been to. They designed exactly the ring my husband and I had in mind for my engagement ring, even down to letting us choose exactly which stones we wanted, which setting we wanted, and which metal. They sent us a mock up for our approval, and upon approving the design, they made a wax mold for me to try on, and after approving that, they moved on to the crafting of my dream ring, with white gold, three stone setting, two round gems (that we chose, one emerald one sapphire) and a princess cut diamond. Absolutely perfect. Once we were ready, they also crafted my husbanded wedding ring (my wedding band is a family heirloom, so we only needed a band for him). He picked out the exact design he wanted, which was a ring that has the Olympic Mountains carved into it. We got to again choose the metal and if it would be polished or matte, or a combination of both. His ring was set into a wax mold like mine, so he could try it on and make sure it fit properly and then was set in palladium. Both of our rings turned out as we had imagined, and I highly recommend this vendor to anyone wanting something individual or different than the norm. "

November 11, 2015 | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

"I don't really like jewelry stores and generally avoid them, but I always looked forward to visiting Green Lake Jewelry Works during our engagement (and it wasn't just for the free coffee drinks!). My husband worked with Daniel C to design my engagement ring around the diamond from my grandmother's ring. I had originally hoped that I would have some input into my ring, but honestly, I couldn't have designed a more perfect ring if I had tried. They designed the setting based on Scandinavian patterns to honor my heritage and were careful to consider the functionality since I wear gloves at work. It really is the perfect ring for me so we didn't hesitate to go back to Dan for our wedding bands. I wasn't sure what type of band would work with my engagement ring and I hemmed and hawed for some time. Dan designed a beautiful scrolling floral pattern band that complemented the engagement ring nicely, but I decided I wanted something simpler and thankfully, he didn't seem the least bit bothered. The plain band I ended up with, curved to fit around my engagement ring, is just what I always envisioned and without his input, I wouldn't have known it was possible. Dan put just as much thought and care into my husband's wedding band. He was a delight to work with, as was everyone we encountered at the store, and his insight and experience were truly invaluable. We will definitely be back...I'm already dreaming of getting the floral band he designed for my right hand on some future anniversary."

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