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What do you get when you order a Staghead Ring? Something made just for you. There is no mass production and no ring looks like the other. Using organic materials allows for that one of kind look. All antler is ethically collected from naturally shed antler around the Wasatch Mountain Range. The wood comes local reclaimed wood or ethically collected exotic hard wood. Each ring is started from raw materials to your exact specs and undergoes a multi-day process.

When I was looking for a wedding band I felt like there was something missing in the mens wedding band market. All the designs were the same and all the materials were the same. Where did my uniqueness fit in? It was after all a ring I planned on wearing forever. My wife mentioned to me that she would like a ring made from the deer sheds we had found one day while hiking around. So I started from there. And I found out I wasn't the only one who wanted that uniqueness, that wildness.

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