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In the heart of Hudson Valley, New York, is where I follow my bliss. I am a designer, homemaker, gardener, baker, and student of sustainability. Silk & Willow is where I merge my passions and create.

The alchemy of natural dyes is much like making a cake; proper measurements, technique, and time are necessary for accurate results. While dyeing with plants doesn’t always produce predictable results, every color created is a gift of nature and alive with character. The process of plant dyeing silk ribbon takes time and patience to produce consistency. I approach this with enthusiasm, as I feel much of our lives are rushed with the need for instant results.

Using plant materials to dye fabric is a tradition that dates back to antiquity. Forging for material and cooking out the color is a gratifying process. I even find joy in the varying smells that now come from my kitchen. Some like a sweet cup of brewed tea, and others, a muddy earthiness that remind me of walking on wet moss barefoot in the woods. An array of sensory responses brought straight to my kitchen!

I am drawn to silk for it's durability, softness, and drape. The tactile experience of silk is alluring, and the colors it radiates are breathtaking. Each of my ribbons is made with the intention of love and longevity, an heirloom piece that can be re-used for years.

I continue to create and explore products that will compliment our ribbon line. I am passionate about hand crafted items of the highest quality and materials sourced from ethical companies. I have searched near and far to collaborate with master weavers, dyers, and cultivators to grow and expand our product line.

All of the materials used by Silk & Willow are either biodegradable or can be easily re-used and recycled. I hope Silk & Willow ribbons will add a memorable touch to your special occasion.



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