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We never would have guessed that brides and grooms would be attracted to our space but we couldn’t be happier about it. Named as the Best Reception Site for 2012 by Seattle Bride Magazine, it’s been a real treat to see how different couples tailor the WithinSodo rooms and deck to fit their personalities. And with the passing of Ref. 74, we are excited to welcome couples of all persuasions to finally make your commitment legitimate in the eyes of the state. Congratulations!

Ceremony Site Yes
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2916 Utah Ave South, Seattle, WA 98134

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January 3, 2017 | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

"The key benefit of this venue is flexibility. When we started our wedding planning process, one of our hard requirements was a venue that would allow any catering; not in-house, not a preferred list, but anything we wanted. It's harder to find than you might think! Within Sodo fit this criteria so we quickly set up a tour, and instantly loved it (and booked it! Like many venues, they book up FAST. We were lucky the date we wanted was one of the last available). It fit the vibe of a laid-back party wedding we wanted. It's really easy to make the space yours - dress it up, make it funky - it really lends itself to be molded. We worked with Brian through the booking process and then worked with Amy there on out through the day of. Amy was great to work with. We ended up going with food trucks for food, and Amy was helpful with communication between the food truck lead and our wedding coordinator to make sure everything was organized. One of our trucks was a bar truck, and Within Sodo had no problem with letting the bar truck park inside the venue (talk about a crowd pleaser!). They are also much more open to decorating how you want, as compared to some other venues that have super strict rules. The only thing that I thought was a little bit odd, is that while you can pick any combination of spaces a Within Sodo you want, amenities are attached to the rental of certain spaces. For example, if you want the rooftop deck, you have the rent the space the has the stairs. If want want to use the kitchen, you have to rent the space that includes the kitchen, if you want the green rooms... etc etc. So you're kind of tied to renting certain spaces no matter what. However, it was great that while we initially rented the rooftop deck, the day of the wedding ended up being bad weather, and Amy easily let us swap the deck for the gallery room in the back. If you want the freedom to make your day your own, and not dictated by your venue, I highly recommend Within Sodo!"

October 4, 2016 | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

"The staff at Within Sodo were so professional, friendly and organized. It was so easy to schedule meetings, walk-thrus and they helped problem solve if there were any concerns. Day of the wedding was concern-free and flawless thanks to their help!"

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