Kate & Cody

Classic Keswick Romance Full of White Flora

April 16, 2016 at Keswick Hall and Golf Club - Keswick, VA


Planners & Designers | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

We could not be more thrilled that Adam planned our wedding. He was incredible from start to finish. He was incredibly flexible and accommodating to our schedules throughout the process; he was responsive and organized. At every chance, he went above and beyond for us. He is also a warm, funny and wonderful person that we loved getting to know over the months we spent planning and are so grateful for his friendship. There's no one else we would have trusted with everything he handled for us, not anyone else with whom we would have wanted to spend our wedding day!

Photographer | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

Jen was absolutely amazing! Not only did she take amazing photographs but she was a wealth of knowledge about the wedding industry and helped us find our way to a fantastic wedding planner, helped us figure out details that made a big difference like the time of our ceremony (the lighting was flawless), etc. Jen went out of her way to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed, which shows in the photos. She is a true artist and her work is incredible-- and she loves it, which makes you excited to be a part of her process. We are so incredibly grateful to Jen and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Cinematographers | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

Cannot recommend Brad and Shaking Hands highly enough. Their work speaks for itself, so I'll just add that they are absolutely incredible to work with, so friendly and make you feel comfortable the entire day. While I was getting ready, I decided to do a last minute review of my vows (which we had decided to memorize) and Brad was awesome, stepping in to quiz me/prompt me. Then during the ceremony and reception it was like they put on invisibility costumes, because I know they were there and capturing it all, but I swear I never once saw them-- they disappeared! I think that's a big part of what sets Shaking Hands apart is that they capture it all, but without being so front and center that your guests don't see it all. We absolutely adored Brad and his team and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a videographer.

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