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    Casey & Matt Blush & Mint Fête Under Cherry Blossoms

    May 3, 2014 at Rust Manor House

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    We do not think more perfection could come out of this stunning day, and it instantly makes our wedding-loving hearts skip a beat! There's something so intimately romantic about this day, and it showcases all the beauty that Virginia springs are known for: budding cherry blossoms, stately plantations, and touches of elegance sprinkled throughout. So when we got the chance to dive into this gem from Beth T. Photography, we simply could not resist. Casey & Matt's soirée could not have been any dreamier, don't you agree? The reception space oozes luxurious charm like none other, just look at that stunning palette of mint and blush tones, breathtaking floral arrangements adorning each table, and gorgeous smiles like those pouring off of our lovely couple's faces. This day has sealed our love for D.C. weddings and we think you'll feel the same once you've savored this day for yourselves. Enjoy!

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    We had planned on going to a winery with Matt's sister Kristy and her fiancé Ryan on a random Saturday in September. It turned out that Kristy & Ryan couldn't go, but Matt said that we should still head up to the winery anyway. (I thought nothing of it at the time, but it turns out that Matt told them not to come so he could pop the question!) So we went up to our favorite winery, Breaux Vineyards, did a tasting, grabbed a bottle, and then went and sat outside. Apparently, Matt's plan was to do it right when we sat down, but that plan was foiled by the crazy downpour and wind that was going on around us. We were under a tent, but it was so windy that it felt like it was going to blow away. After a while, the weather calmed a bit, and Matt went back inside to get some munchies to go with our wine. When he came back out, he put the food on the table and dropped to one knee to ask me to marry him. It was AMAZING and neither of us will ever forget it.

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