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    Donna & Amit Vibrant Multi-Cultural Celebration

    January 19, 2014 at Governor Calvert House

    Wedding Details

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    Watching a couple bring their two cultures together on one of the biggest days of their lives is an incredibly beautiful thing to see. And thanks to Aaron Watson Photography, we get to feel a part of every aspect of the celebration! These stunning images showcase Donna & Amit in such a beautiful light. We adore the endless joy and happiness coming from their faces, not to mention everyone else involved! We especially love the Hindu portion of their day that was full of gorgeous henna designs by Bhavna’s Henna & Arts, vibrant colors and decorations, and fun traditions. Overall, it's just one of those weddings we could stare at forever. Here's to our lovely couple!

    From the photographer…..

    Donna & Amit's wedding inspiration came from wanting to blend together their rich cultural backgrounds. As a result, they included both a Christian and Hindu Ceremony into their big day! With vibrant colors and exciting traditions, this happy couple celebrated their marriage in true style.

    The Couple


    Introvert, understanding, passionate


    Extrovert, enjoys challenges, adventurous


    Perfect harmony

    Our Love Story

    From Donna: We met on Match.com. Amit proposed on a trip to Belize together in December 2012. We went to see the Mayan ruins when the mayan calendar was ending. On December 21 (end of the mayan calendar/end of the world), we went to Tikal in Guatemala for the day and on top of one of the pyramids in Tikal, he proposed! I said the most intelligent words possible "Are you serious?!?" and then yes! We had an incredible day exploring Tikal and of course, the world didn't end either.

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