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    Kristen & Randy Incredibly Elegant Southern Soirée

    June 29, 2012 at Raspberry Plain

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    Kristen & Randy had a summer wedding full of the charm Southern celebrations are known for. The gorgeous backdrop of Raspberry Plain, the bride's elegant gown, that stunning bouquet of white roses……..this wedding is just as sweet as they come. Kristen made for a gorgeous bride, and every image Ever After Visuals sent our way just shows her & Randy full of so much joy as they relish being husband & wife! And with so many personal touches to make their wedding so uniquely them, we just love it all! Read on for more of all the labor of love that went in to making this day as delightful as it was….

    From the photographer….

    Kristen & Randy are both schoolteachers in Virginia, who have been planning the perfect wedding, and weren't afraid to put in some work to get the wedding of their dreams. This was a DIY wedding where loved ones in the family contributed and the end result was rustic elegance! Doilies and buttons were used from Kristen's grandmother, and Kristen's mother handmade over 100 roses for a unique and custom wedding case.

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