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    Valerie & Mike Delightful Wedding at Riverside on the Potomac

    June 27, 2015 at Riverside on the Potomac

    Wedding Details

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    Why This Wedding Earned a Michelin Star

    The Main Course

    • The contrasting white and purple hues of the bridesmaids' dresses and their all-white bouquets are a perfect example of how impactful color can be. Tell me your eyes weren't immediately drawn to those frocks.
    • Speaking of bouquets, heather, mums, and irises add pops of purple that create a moment of colorful dimension to classic collections of blooms.
    • A strand of pearls delicately draped around the bride's neck. Classics are classics for a very good reason.
    • Yes, please, to the gorgeous ivory piping along the groom's lapel. Also yes to his checkered vest.
    • a wedding venue's open-air barn is ceremony perfection. With hillside views, natural greenery lining the exterior, and rustic wooden beams framing the couple, it's a dream space.

    Stellar Side Dishes

    • A berry lovely cake. See what we did there? Those blackberries and strawberries add a hint of color and some extra sweetness to this chic confection.
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