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    Vashti & Aaron Uber-Chic Maryland Soirée

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    We have never seen Southern tradition meet high class glam quite like this before, but we are so enjoying this beautiful juxtaposition. M'dears, meet Vashti & Aaron, our gorgeous bride & handsome groom, and we are beyond excited Anny Photography decided to share this gem with us. These two make for quite the couple, and if you just look at all that joy pouring off their faces, we're sure you'll completely agree. And what's the cutest thing ever? Aaron and his band performed a song, specifically written for Vashti, and we have to think every gal's heart was swooning at that point! Want to see more of this day (and why wouldn't you)? Scroll on through these stunning images to relish this lovely day!

    From the photographer....

    What an incredible celebration we had on Vashti & Aaron‘s wedding day! The skies were blue as can be, and though we were in the midst of a heat wave, the day was blessed with sun and a cool breeze. Vashti’s dress and her wedding shoes were the wow factor to the already stunning bride. There were so many sentimental touches to this wedding that made it all the more special. The newlyweds, Mr. & Mrs. Young threw a “Forever Young” theme for their wedding – and every placecard for their guests' included a their very own childhood photo.. so sweet!! Aaron’s band, True Light also performed (check them out!), beginning with a surprise song just for his new bride! Their worshipful, passionate style was so moving, they had their guests on their feet. The wedding was exquisite from start to finish!

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