Imagine Your Dream Wedding

    Popular Wedding Styles

    When you close your eyes, what kind of wedding do you imagine? An event where tradition meets modernity, with every aspect carefully tailored to you and your partner? Or perhaps you’ve always pictured a more laid-back gathering on the coast with whimsical details. Weddings can take many forms, so browse some of the most inspiring types and styles below to hone in on your ideal party personality.

    Weddings By Season

    Spring Weddings

    The season synonymous with renewal and growth is, unsurprisingly, a top choice for nuptials. Bring on the delicate blossoms and fresh green air: spring embodies romance for the young at heart.

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    Summer Weddings

    With its bright blooms, festive mood, and memories of more carefree days, the summer months are the perfect time for a jubilant celebration of new beginnings.

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    Fall Weddings

    Filled with dreamy light and crisp colors, the halcyon days of fall are mega-popular for celebrations focused on the bounty of the harvest and the raw beauty of the landscape.

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    Winter Weddings

    Winter conjures intimacy, serenity, and celebrations brought to life by glimmering candlelight, fragrant evergreens, and the surrounding warmth of love from family new and old.

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    Popular Wedding Color Palettes

    A cohesive and thoughtful color palette is a savvy way to coordinate the many design elements of a wedding weekend. Color can speak volumes, so draw inspiration from the setting, season, and your love story to be sure that it communicates the perfect message.