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How to Choose Your Wedding Month

Choosing the date for your wedding in Charlottesville ranks up there in importance in the wedding planning process, along with choosing your venue, photographer, and caterer. The time of year in which you decide to tie the knot will dictate how the rest of your wedding planning will go and will stick with you for the rest of your life (your anniversary!). In most parts of the country, the late spring and early fall months are typically thought of as "wedding season," but there is so much more to it than that. Let's walk through the year and look at the pros and cons of hosting your Charlottesville wedding in each month.

Note: Keep in mind that while season matters greatly, geographic location is a factor as well. Below, I have broken the seasons down very generally. Even still, a winter wedding in the Florida Keys is going to differ drastically from a winter wedding in Lake Tahoe, and consequently, the cold weather and snow hazards would not be the same.


March, April, May

March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. April showers bring May flowers. These are the traditional sayings that correlate with the lovely spring months that we love so dearly. Emerging from the cold of winter, spring is such a welcoming time to choose to host your special day. Without many conflicts (St. Patrick's Day, Passover, and Easter are the only holidays in the spring), your guests are likely to be available to attend your spring wedding in Charlottesville. And after the drab, loneliness of winter, your friends will probably be busting at the seams to get out and celebrate with you!

Spring always seems to be a gamble though simply because the weather is so unpredictable! Will it be sunny and warm, or is a cold snap going to hit? Even still, the gamble may be worth it because if you can land one of those quintessential spring days, your wedding will be utterly perfect. In the spring, you might begin to encounter the raising of vendor prices and competition with other brides for vendors and venues.


June, July, August

These hot months offer long days full of sunlight and vacation time. Many of your wedding guests will be able to get away from their lives to attend your wedding thanks to more relaxed work schedules and school breaks. So far removed from the holidays, your guests are more likely to have a little extra room in their budgets for nice wedding gifts; not to mention, that flowers and fruit are in season in the summer, so you will have countless floral options and a buffet table full of the most delicious berries at your summer wedding in Charlottesville.

However, these sunny wedding days are not quite that simple. The temperature is definitely something to take into account. While it may look like a glorious day outside, if it is 100 degrees, you are going to be one sweaty bride with a bunch of hot and sticky guests. You can just go ahead and count on venues and vendors to be harder to book with steeper prices because of all the competition. And the main thing that would probably keep your guests away would be another wedding conflicting with yours.


September, October, November

Oh fall weddings in Charlottesville, how loved you are! There is something so magical about the changing of the leaves and the cool crisp air. These cooler temperatures will make for happier party guests and less bugs. And with a plethora of pumpkins, there are some very festive and unique wedding themes to embrace.

In these months, the starting of school, Halloween, and Thanksgiving could create some possible conflicts. There are also fewer flowers in season, so you may have to be willing to re-imagine your ideal floral arrangements. And if you and your man are a football fanatics, the fall will prove to be a difficult time to have a wedding with the potential conflict of game schedules. What if you accidentally plan your wedding in the middle of the biggest game of the season?


December, January, February

I don't think any five year old girls dream of a cold wedding day as they try on their mother's slip and high heels and trip down the hallway, pretending to walk down the aisle to their prince charming; however, I think these months are hidden gems not to be overlooked! Cozy fires in fireplaces, evergreen trees, snowy winter wonderlands, less wedding competition thus the ability to negotiate prices, and more vendor and venue availability make a winter wedding in Charlottesville very appealing for brides and grooms. There is something so romantic about the sun setting earlier, wrapping up in warm coats and furs, and clinging to the arm of your man for warmth.

But for all of the pros, there are still some cons to a winter soirée. Depending on the location of your wedding, getting snowed in or out could be a factor. There is a lot of dead foliage outside making for less beautiful landscapes and pushing pictures indoors. And Christmas. While it is such a good thing, it can create many conflicts for your special day. Traveling can be more expensive and difficult around the holidays, not to mention that money will most likely be a bit tighter for people, too!

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