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Wedding Favor Ideas We Love

I'm a big, big fan of giving wedding favors to your guests. After all, they did take the time to make it to your wedding, they probably got you a wedding present, and maybe they were even there for your bridal shower and gave you even more attention and presents. So why not return the favor and give them a little trinket to take home and enjoy? Granted, I see the point in skipping it if you're thinking your only options are bubbles or keychains stamped with your wedding date, but there is really so much more to consider! And I promise, if you give your guests any of these wedding favors, they will be enjoyed, and some for years to come!

Here are some of our favorites from our own Borrowed & Blue Brides...

Jars O' Jam or Honey

These little guys always look so cute and delicate, and I can pretty much guarantee you that your guests will love not only the look of them, but almost certainly what they find inside.

Potted Plants & Packets of Seeds

Not only are these green wedding favors, but the plants can double as adorable place settings & look perfect on the table. I'm a huge fan of giving out packets of wildflower seeds with a little message on the packet or sack along the lines of "Spread the love!" Your guests can plant them in their garden & think of how awesome your wedding was every time they're outside!

Keep It Local

We love the idea of southern brides giving out peaches or peanuts to their guests, and Seattle brides sending their guests home with coffee beans! No matter when your wedding will be, you'll always be able to find some local flair with which to thank & say goodbye to your guests. One of our Napa brides even sent her guests home with a bottle of olive oil from her family's own olive trees!

Keep 'Em Cool

If you're getting married in, say, hot-hot Charleston in the summer, make sure you give your guests a cute fan or parasol to make sure they're not dripping as they watch you exchange your vows. One of my girlfriends had these cute collapsible fans at her wedding, and I still use it & think of her every time! I'm also loving these "blinded by the love" personalized sunglasses!

Keep It Sweet

Incorporating your wedding colors, set up a candy bar & have your guests create their own goodie bag to take to the little ones at home!

Keep It Practical

Another one of my girlfriends used mason jars as place settings and we used them as our cocktail glasses. We took them home at the end of the night, and I still use mine almost every day! These had a triple use!

These are just a few ideas that our ultra-creative Borrowed & Blue Brides (& no doubt, their savvy wedding planners!) came up with, and we'd love to hear more of your ideas! For even more wedding favor ideas, check out our Pinterest board! . . . .

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