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    If you told me while I was studying photography at RISD that I would be a wedding photographer and love it, I probably would've said "what are you talking about?" What did I know about weddings anyways? I had only been in one wedding, my childhood baby-sitter's wedding. I still remember the asymmetrical, peach, taffeta dress, the fountain that we posed in front of, and the photographer shouting "everyone look here!!!" as we stared into the blinding sun. After that experience I convinced myself that I'm simply not a wedding "girl." As I created documentary films and developed film in my darkroom, weddings never crossed my mind.

    I was satisfied to aspire to do things I love with people that I love. Then one day while photographing, I met Nick. Meeting Nick was like meeting an old friend, a really handsome old friend. We just clicked (no pun intended.) From that day on, I was pretty positive that we'd spend our life together. Spending our life together was something that happened everyday and it wasn't until we started getting older that the idea of marriage started to become a serious one. Quite a few years after we'd graduated college, Nick got the gumption to propose to me.

    I didn't think getting married would change anything, so it seemed easy enough to say "yes." Then came the wedding. You see marriage and weddings are not one in the same thing. There were just so many decisions to made and it was completely overwhelming to someone who had only been to two weddings at this point in the game.

    Enter my soon to be mother-in-law. If anyone in the family knew how to plan a party, it was her. A wedding was really just a huge family party, so I left it up to her with a few specific requests, great music, I pick the photographer, and a barn (at this time barns were not being used for weddings and this seemed like a strange request.) She did it! I searched everywhere and finally found a lifestyle photographer who seemed like they understood my super low-key attitude, could do amazing things with light (if you've ever been into photography you know what I mean) while capturing the moments as they unfolded. After the party of my lifetime aka our wedding, they delivered the photos. This wedding was the thing I didn't realize that I wanted until I had it and now I had the photos to let me relive it. Everyone I loved was together in the same place, happy and looking amazing.

    Don't let anyone tell you that your wedding is the most important day of your life, because it's not. Each day is equally important because they are what make up a lifetime. But this day is pretty darn amazing, the fact is that you will be surrounded by everyone you love and all the things you love for one short day. So from my wedding day on, I became obsessed with weddings. As our friends got married, I started to notice the details that they added to make their celebration personal and beautiful. I often joke to my husband that I want to get married again just to plan the wedding again. Because sometimes it's only after your wedding that you realize all the possibilities. If you are a girl who loves the wedding planning process or if you need a nudge in the right direction, believe me I'd be more then happy to chat with you over coffee or hot cocoa. Because this is what I love to do, photograph you with the people that you love.

    How could I have an "about me" page without mentioning Stella Blue? After our wedding came Stella Blue, our daughter, another small thing that I didn't know would change my life. Since the moment she was born I haven't put my camera down. I can't blame myself for wanting to keep all these moments in a box, in a book, on my wall because they are my story. Now, Stella loves to open our wedding album and tell the story about the day mom and dad got married at the "ball." That is why I do what I do what I do, so you too can open up your best memories and share them with the people you love most.

    I can't wait to document these important moments that make up your life. The best part of photography is meeting amazing people, like you and documenting your special moments simply and beautifully.

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