The Kinfolk Brass Band is at the forefront of the New Orleans Brass Band renaissance. They fuse numerous styles of music, incorporating Mardi Gras chants, New Orleans Funk, and modern jazz ,with an old world traditional brass band sound.

    The band has performed at festivals, weddings, jazz funerals, and corporate events. Playing venues ranging from local clubs and grand ballrooms to second-line parades in the streets, the Kinfolk Brass Band has been enjoyed by millions of people all around the world. In 2009, Kinfolk Brass Band released their debut album, entitled Bourbon Street Parade. Over the past year, Kinfolk has performed in over 100 weddings and conventions, making them the most requested brass band in the City of New Orleans. Most recently, the band has performed at prestigious events such the the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, the BCS Allstate Sugar Bowl, and the 2012 Olympics in London.

    The Kinfolk Brass Band embodies the unique sound of the City of New Orleans. Whether performing on a large stage, at a street parade, or in an intimate setting, the Kinfolk Brass Band provides the highest quality of entertainment with their animated style and energy. They are sure to be the highlight of any event.

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